Reconsiderations, Reconsidered.

Per my blog on January 14, I started thinking I was crazy for holding on to my dream of doing my first half marathon at Berry on the same day that I would be honored at the Heart of the Community Awards. I mean, the Heart Ball is a GREAT party: black tie, delicious food, a thorough and hilarious roasting of each honoree by Bob Berry, all followed by a couple of hours with a high-energy dance band! I certainly did not to have tired feet for this event. So I emailed the race coordinator, and her answer is at the end of that last blog.

I guess she knew I would become better trained by February, and she was right. Additionally, I have had conversations with Carlton and John, both Iron Men and respected trainers of mine, and they both agreed that I am fit enough for 13.1. “You could do the half today and never bat an eye.” The caveat is (and they both told me this), I’m not to go out there trying to win any land speed records. “Don’t knock yourself out; just take your time and you will be fine.”

Allison was right, and so are Carlton and John. I have un-changed my mind. After several more long runs of 8.5, 11.6, 10 using my Jeff Galloway-style 2:1 run:walk pattern, I have found that it really does conserve my energy. Yesterday I did 12 miles! Then I showered and went to a Super Bowl party, feeling just fine. So I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, and I’ll be doing the Berry Half Marathon on Saturday, February 18, and then the Heart Ball that night. What an awesome day that’s going to be.

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