I promise to be smart

Seems as though every day something happens to remind me how fortunate I am to be alive, healthy, happy, and productive. Now, well past the days when my friends and I lose our parents, I am seeing my actual *friends* disappear. And with those who remain exist various stages of physical disrepair and miseries neither anticipated nor welcomed. Lucky me; this has yet to come my way.

I was not contemplative until some years after giving birth to my precious Jessica and Jedd. It evolved suddenly after learning of my biological heritage in my early 30’s, and while I have never allowed it to shape me, I know it explains what’s in my fabric: raging attention deficit disorder, but fortunately well compensated through the years. Well, most years anyway.

I wouldn’t call myself a thrill-seeker, though some might. I have no desire to jump out of a plane, on purpose or otherwise, and I am an overly-cautious driver. Mostly I just always need to have something to do. More than one something actually. Sometimes ten. I am actually more comfortable when involved in several enjoyable projects at the same time, such as right now, when I have deadlines at my job at GNTC, Rotary leadership, and training for the Malibu Triathlon. Were I to have to think of the same thing (or nothing) all the time I would become instantly bored and anxious. I don’t watch TV except for news and occasional sports events and documentaries, but I read like a monstah and usually have at least 4-5 books in process.

So to my beloved children, who have often thought me crazy, have perfected the eye-rolling sigh of “okayyyyy, Mom…whatever makes you happy…” and have each expressed concern over my decision to compete in Malibu on Sept. 14, I promise you with all my heart that I have *no* death-wish, nor do I have an injury-wish. I am training very carefully, as I did in 2011 for NYC; systematically working to make my whole body strong enough to be a decent competitor. When in training-mode, I am very intentional about what I eat and how much I rest, making these the healthiest life-intervals I’ve ever lived. Trust me, the LAST place I want to be is in an ER with an injury. I love that you care about me enough to express concern, and it is because I love YOU so much that I am now (finally) going through life in the most prudent manner possible (which may not be prudent to some, but is when you are me). All this is because I love seeing how you are both thriving in your lives after working hard to get to this point. I thank God every day for my life, for your lives, and for the friends we all treasure. I truly love life and intend to meet my great-grandchildren one day! 🙂

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