What’s next? Who knows…

Those who know me best will confirm that I have lived my life collecting adventures and making memories. I developed the concept at a young age, when I realized that elderly friends in nursing homes still had their long-term memories, whether or not they knew where they were today. So, just in case I survived to a feeble old age, I resolved to make plenty of vivid happy memories worth enjoying over and over again in my mind. At least I’ve always thought that was my motivation. More recently I’ve come to realize that I simply have an adrenaline-junkie-thrill-seeking personality, most likely attached to my ADD.

Attention Deficit Disorder is a gift that I treasure, and I will write about it in the future; today I just want to record the most memorable day of my life since the birth of each of my children: Feb. 18, 2012. An over-committed day if ever I had one, but one that I was determined to conquer. Success! I completed my first half-marathon that morning at Berry College (time 3:11), and later that evening celebrated with my children and closest friends as I was honored at the Heart of the Community Awards of Honor. I am pleased to report that I stayed vertical and energetic for the whole day and evening (and completely enjoyed the next day languishing on the couch and seeing how many movies I could watch in one day).

2012 has been incredible thus far, but how could it possibly top 2011? Well, it’s just March 4; there’s plenty of year left to conquer. Who knows…maybe I’ll just take it easy for a while. Naw…can’t do. Stay with me as I figure it out.

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