What people say to me, what I say back

People say: “Hi Nina! How’s the training going?”
(answers vary among the following):

Great! Thanks for asking!
Fun but it’s becoming a challenge to schedule the workouts into my day!!
Great! Thanks for your support!
Great! Workouts are either longer or more intense every day!
Going well… busy… juggling the matters of life, but fun, and… great!

People say: “Hi Nina! You look great!!!”
(answers vary among the following):

Thank you!!!
Thanks! It’s all this fresh air I’m getting these days!
Thanks! I think I’ve increased the blood flow to my whole body!
Thanks! I hope I can keep it up for the long term…
Thank you! I’m HAVING A BLAST!!!

People say: “Nina, you inspire me!!!”
(answers vary among the following):

I’m so glad… if I can do it, anyone can!!!
Thank you! I’m having a blast and YOU CAN TOO, if you’ll find a way to increase your activity!!!

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